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An Evaluation Study of NAPT Reading Subtest - 4675 Words

An Evaluation Study of NAPT Reading Subtest (Book Report Sample) Content: An Evaluation Study of NAPT Reading SubtestTABLE OF CONTENTS TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u CHAPTER ONE PAGEREF _Toc381806316 \h 11.0 INTRODUCTION PAGEREF _Toc381806317 \h 11.1 Background Information PAGEREF _Toc381806318 \h 11.1.1 The National Arabic Proficiency Test (NAPT) PAGEREF _Toc381806319 \h 11.1.2 Levels of Language Proficiency PAGEREF _Toc381806320 \h 21.1.3 Language Proficiency Development PAGEREF _Toc381806321 \h 31.1.4 Language Proficiency Valuation PAGEREF _Toc381806322 \h 41.2 Problem Statement PAGEREF _Toc381806323 \h 51.3 Research Aim/Objectives PAGEREF _Toc381806324 \h 51.4 Research Questions PAGEREF _Toc381806325 \h 51.5 Theoretical Approach Research Hypothesis PAGEREF _Toc381806326 \h 61.6 Research Justification Significance PAGEREF _Toc381806327 \h 61.7 Scope of Study PAGEREF _Toc381806328 \h 71.8 Chapter Outline PAGEREF _Toc381806329 \h 8REFERENCES PAGEREF _Toc381806330 \h 9CHAPTER ONE1.0 INTRODUCTION1.1 Background Information1.1.1 The National Arabic P roficiency Test (NAPT)The need for speakers who are proficient in more than one language is clear in the context of national interests and security, as well as for personal and societal benefits. The cost of ignoring this need has already been felt. The situation will become even more urgent if sufficient effort and resources are not allocated to develop a language-proficient society that includes individuals with high levels of proficiency in second languages. The National Arabic Proficiency Test (NAPT) is a tool developed by the Chinese Ministry of Education to evaluate the quality of proficiency of second-year students taught Arabic in Chinese universities. Upon satisfaction of the tool requirements, a proficiency certificate is provided that attests to the studentsà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ proficiency in Arabic. NAPT is considered as an important means of improving teaching and learning of Arabic in Chinese institutions of learning.NAPT is designed and administrated by the Committee of Foreig n Language Teaching in the Ministry of Education. The Arabic subcommittee in the Committee of Foreign Language is tasked with organizing the tests in terms of formatting the exam, developing test versions, announcing time, and scoring answer sheets. NAPT is administered on Saturday morning in the third week of May of every year. NAPTà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s purpose is to assess the proficiency of second-year university students who study Arabic language as their major. It also evaluates the quality of the syllabus and inspects program implementation to provide an understanding of the teaching situation since the quality of teaching is an important factor in improving teaching standards. NAPT tests listening vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, translation and writing skills.The purpose of the NAPT reading comprehension subtest is to assess studentsà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ability to understand information they glean from reading accurately and on time. The test is aimed at examining a studentà ¢Ã¢â€ š ¬s ability to: (i) read and understand authentic reading materials (ii) understand and explain given facts and details (iii) not only understand the literal meaning but also make judgments and (iv) to understand not only each sentence but also the logic of context.1.1.2 Levels of Language ProficiencyLevels of language proficiency can be remembered by the mnemonic BETTER (BEginning, Transitioning, Expanding, and Refining) (Clark, 2010; Fultcher Davidson, 2007) (Guerrero, 2000; Luecht, Brumfield Breithaupt, 2006). Beginning proficiency is Level 3, which is characterized by a reliance on a limited repertoire of learned phrases and basic vocabulary. A student at this level is able recognize the purpose of basic texts, such as menus, tickets, and short notes. The student should be able to understand common words and expressions. The student should understand a core of simple, formulaic utterances in both reading and listening. In writing and speaking, the student should communicate basic information through lists of words and some memorized patterns.Transitioning proficiency is Level5, which is characterized by the ability to use language knowledge to understand information in everyday materials. The learner is transitioning from memorized words and phrases to original production, albeit still rather limited (Rifkin, 2005). In reading, students at Level 5 should understand the main ideas and explicit details in everyday materials, such as short letters, menus, and advertisements. In listening, students can follow short conversations and announcements on common topics and answer questions about the main idea and explicitly stated details. In speaking and writing, students are not limited to formulaic phrases, but can express factual information by manipulating grammatical structures (Rachel, 2011).Expanding proficiency is Level 8, which is characterized by the ability to understand and use language for straightforward informational purposes. Level 8 students ca n understand the content of most factual, non-specialized materials intended for a general audience, such as newspaper articles, and television programs. In writing and speaking, students have sufficient control over language to successfully express a wide range of relationships, such as temporal, sequential, cause and effect among others.Refining proficiency is Level 10, which is characterized by the ability to understand and use language that serves a rhetorical purpose and involves reading or listening between the lines. Level 10 students can follow spoken and written opinions and arguments, such as those found in newspaper editorials. The students have sufficient mastery of the language to shape their production, both written and spoken, for particular audiences and purposes and to clearly defend or justify a particular point of view. Thus, the study of NAPT reading subtests will also examine these various levels of Arabic proficiency among learners.1.1.3 Language Proficiency De velopmentTo develop high proficiency levels, an individual needs to score at a level of 3 or higher on the 5-point Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) language proficiency rating scale (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, 1999; Leaver Shekhtman, 2002). However, there is little information on how best to help language learners develop high levels of proficiency (Coalition of Distinguished Language Centers, 2014). Some of the three proposed approaches include: (i) build on the language background of heritage language speaker, (ii) start language learning early to build a strong basis for second, third, and even fourth language learning, (iii) provide intensive immersion experiences for students at the postsecondary level, including overseas study in a target-language culture (Malone, Rifkin, Christian Johnson, 2004).Pedagogically, institutions need to: (i) offer intensive summer language institutes (ii) increase the number of courses offered in languages other t han the native one, especially in professional subject matter areas such as engineering and business (Angelelli Degueldre, 2002) (iii) provide overseas study to immerse learners in the language and culture they are studying, such as programs in China that include content courses in Chinese and internships with Chinese organizations (Kubler, 2002) (iv) develop materials for upper-level students, such as the computer-mediated tutorials to teach Advanced skills, and (v) offer comprehensive language programs that are designed specifically to promote high-level proficiency through on-campus and overseas experiences (Angelelli Degueldre, 2002).Technologies also encourage and support the development and maintenance of high levels of language proficiency. The Internet brings authentic language and cultural experiences to students and provides opportunities for them to interact with native speakers, to access culturally appropriate and high-level reading and listening texts, and to conduc t research in their areas of expertise (University of Hawaii, 2014).The availability of resources to develop high-level proficiency remains limited although several projects are addressing this challenge. For instance, the National Flagship Language Initiative has awarded grants to support the teaching and learning of Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and Russian at universities recognized as leaders in language education (The National Flagship Language Initiative, 2014). To measure the success in developing high levels of language proficiency, there are ways to determine when learners have reached these levels. Although assessments that measure high levels of proficiency exist, it is perceived that this is not the case in NAPT subtests.1.1.4 Language Proficiency ValuationLanguage proficiency testing must take into account two key considerations: (1) to use the best possible method for testing and (2) to use an iterative approach. Generally, the best method is to conduct a test where represe ntative participants interact with real scenarios that involve their use of the language (Leaver Shekhtman, 2002).Language proficiency tests result in benchmark scales with points along the scale designated as benchmark levels. These benchmark levels include verbal descriptions of the proficiency profile of a typical student at that point in the scale. Reading test validation refers to the process of gathering evidence to support the use of tests as an interpretation of the underlying construct. The implication is that there is no valid test, but that the tests are constantly being reviewed to ensure valid interpretation (Huang, 2013).Test validation techniques context validity, cognitive validity, scoring validity, and criterion validity (Shepard, 1993). There are two major approaches to understanding the concept of reading: (1) the process approach and its result and (2) the product a...

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SAT French Subject Test Information

Bonjour! Êtes-vous qualifià © pour parler franà §ais? Bilingualism is a trait that may set you apart on your college application if the decision is tight whether or not you make it in. Here, youll find out what this test is all about. Note: The SAT French Subject  test is not part of the Redesigned SAT Test,  the popular college admissions exam. The SAT French Subject test is one of the many SAT Subject Tests, which are exams designed to showcase your particular talents in all sorts of fields. And if your talents extend into the French realm, then this exam can help you showcase it to your future alma mater. SAT French Subject Tests Basics Before you register for this test, here are the basics about how youll be tested: 60 minutes85 multiple-choice questions200-800 points possible3 different types of French questions: Vocabulary in context, Fill-in-the-blank, and Reading comprehension questions SAT French Subject Test Content Vocabulary in Context: Approximately 25 to 26 questionsWith these questions, youll be tested on vocabulary used in various parts of speech. You will also need to know a few basic French  idioms.Structure: Approximately 25 to 34 questionsMany of these fill-in-the-blank questions will ask you to read a slightly longer passage and select the best choices for the blanks. Your knowledge of French sentence structure is tested.Reading Comprehension: Approximately 25 to 34 questionsHere, youll be given a multi-paragraph passage and asked reading comprehension questions about the passage to gauge your true comprehension of the language. The passages can be drawn from fiction, essays, historical works, newspaper and magazine articles, and everyday materials such as advertisements, timetables, forms, and tickets. Why You Should Take the SAT French Subject Test In some cases, you will need to take the test, especially if you are considering choosing French as a major in college. In other cases, its a great idea to take the French Subject Test so you can showcase that highly sought-after skill of bilingualism. It shows the college admissions officers that you have more up your sleeve than your GPA or wonderful SAT or ACT test scores. Taking the test, and scoring high on it, demonstrates qualities of a well-rounded applicant. Plus, it can get you out of those entry-level language courses. How to Prepare for the SAT French Subject Test To ace this thing, youll need at least two years in French during high school, and youll want to take the test as close to the end of or during your most advanced French class you plan to take. Getting your high school French teacher to offer you some supplementary materials is always a good idea, too. Plus, the College Board offers free practice questions for the SAT French Test along with a pdf of the answers, too. Sample SAT French Subject Test Question This question comes from the College Boards free practice questions. The writers have ranked the questions from 1 to 5 where 1 is the least difficult. The question below is ranked as a 3. Si tu faisais du jogging tous les jours, est-ce que tu te -------mieux? (A) sentiras(B) sentirais(C) sentais(D) sens Answer: Choice (B) is correct. Sentences introduced by si express hypothetical situations when the verb in the clause introduced by si is in the past tense (imparfait). When this is the case, the verb in the main clause must be in the conditional. Choice (B), sentirais (would feel), is the conditional form and therefore the correct answer. Choice (A), sentiras (will feel), is in the future tense; choice (C), sentais (felt), is in the past tense (imparfait) and choice (D), sense (feel), is in the present tense.

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Analysis Paper Hills Like White Elephants - 815 Words

Victor Aguirre ENGL 1102 (T/R 9:30a.m.) February 1, 2013 Short Story Analysis Paper Topic: Hills like White Elephants Meaningful Hills Hills are seen as just abstract objects in a distance, some may be seen as beautiful and they are hard to get around when you don’t have the best way to overcome them. In the short story an American man and a girl named Jig are sitting in a rail station waiting for the train to Madrid. While they are waiting, they have an intense, ongoing discussion over whether or not Jig will get an abortion. The hills are viewed as a symbol of how big obstacles can set minor setback in life, but you have to find a way around to move on. In the story, Jig looked at the hills and said, They look like white†¦show more content†¦The American tries to make his words sound mellow and convincing but Jig sees past them and realizes that the right choice is within her. Regardless of what the American wants, she is the only one who has to endure the real pain of the situation, nevertheless her surroundings let her visualize how they could help her with her decision. Therefor e the hills help her realize how many things in life are just obstacles but can be easily overcome with by finding a resolution that will benefit everyone. Works Citied Page Hemingway, Ernest. Hills Like White Elephants. Rpt. In Literature: Approaches to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama. 2nd ed. Ed. Robert DiYanni. New York: McGraw Hill, 2008. 400-403.Show MoreRelatedHills Like White Elephants By Ernest Hemingway1446 Words   |  6 PagesErnest Hemingway’s short story â€Å"Hills Like White Elephants† explores the topics of abortion, sex before marriage, and feelings of separation. There are many different points of view one can take on Hemingway’s work. The main literary analysis that will be explained is the significance of the title and how it is layered into the story in various places. In addition to this, the narrator’s point of view will also be discussed since it plays a role in bringing the characters together. Lastly, it willRead More Analysis of Hills Like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway Essay1044 Words   |  5 PagesAnalysis of Hills Like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway Hills Like White Elephants, is a short story,. It is a story about a man and a woman waiting at a train station talking about an issue that they never name. I believe this issue is abortion. In this paper I will prove that the girl in the story, whos name is Jig, finally decides to go ahead and have the baby even though the man, who does not have a name, wants her to have an abortion. It is the end of the story that makes me thinkRead MoreHills Like White Elephants1715 Words   |  7 PagesHills Like White Elephants shows a seemingly simple discussion between Jig and an American man about the possibility of an operation. Yet, when the story is dissected it becomes apparent that they are discussing the possibility of an abortion. Nothing in the short story is mentioned or said without signaling a greater or different meaning. Hemingway used the surroundings of the train station to impact the story and designed the characters to properly show two varying personalities. Even though t hisRead MoreHemingway’s Hills Like White Elephants Essay1908 Words   |  8 Pagesâ€Å"My aim is to put down on paper what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way† (E. Hemingway, Brainy Quote). It is evident that this is why Ernest Hemingway writes the literary pieces he writes. Hemingway proves this by writing his short story, Hills Like White Elephants. Hemingway also quoted, â€Å"I never had to choose a subject - my subject rather chose me† (E. Hemingway, QuotesPedia). This also relates to Hemingway composing Hills Like White Elephants along with many of his other worksRead MoreLearning And Using Knowledge Of The Writing Essay826 Words   |  4 Pageswe focused on the audience of the paper. The paper was intended to tell a story, but it was also meant to entertain the reader. With this in mind, I focused on adding details to my essay that would draw in the reader and create an emotional response. The second essay written was an argumentative essay. Its purpose was to present an argument and persuade the reader the thesis the writer created was correct. Rhetorical knowledge was essential in writing this paper because the essay had to have a clearRead More Reader-oriented Theories and Their Application to Ernest Hemingway’s Hills like white elephants2425 Words   |  10 PagesReader-oriented Theories and Their Application to Ernest Hemingway’s Hills like white elephants From the very beginning of the literature people tended to criticize the literary works according to some certain criteria. Some critics claimed that the text itself is important and some other said the author and his style is the thing that should be focused on. Form and content were the other significant elements in the history of the literary criticism. In addition, the social and political influencesRead MoreThe Relationship Between Literature And The Natural Environment1166 Words   |  5 Pagescan be addressed in terms of environmental concerns† (Ecofeminism 1993: 13). BODY In this paper, an attempt is made to study the ecofeminist aspects of Hemingway’s stories. The stories considered exhibit feminist, ecological as well as ecofeminist features. Violence, physical, emotional or psychological, inflicted on women and nature, is discussed here, and ecofeminist insights are applied to the analysis of the stories. All these stories portray man-woman relationship against the backdrop of natureRead MoreEthics Is The Branch Of Study Dealing With Social Principles3917 Words   |  16 PagesAlougba Nicole Gnonse- Padonou A.N. Gnonse-P 1 Cliff Hill Moral Reasoning 12/12/2014 FINAL PAPER Ethics is the branch of study dealing with social principles. It’s a requirement of what is the proper line of action for human life. Although ethics is a central component of any happy, health, and mature life, many disagree about the value of living an ethical life. In order to solve crucial moral problems created by human existence, philosophers use ethical theories for their issues. A theoryRead MoreCurbing Unemployment Through Skills Acquisition: a Study of the National Directorate of Employment (Nde), Kaduna State7193 Words   |  29 PagesCurbing Unemployment through Skills Acquisition: A Study of the National Directorate of Employment (NDE), Kaduna State By AMUPITAN, Oboromeni Federal University, Lokoja Nigeria January, 2011. ABSTRACT The paper â€Å"Curbing Unemployment through Skills acquisition: A case of the National Directorate of Employment (NDE)†Kaduna State is about unemployment and how it can be reduced through skills acquisition. This work is aimed at finding out how the NDE has reduced unemployment through its skills acquisitionRead MoreThis Tournament Goes to Eleven4982 Words   |  20 PagesIslands (or) Islas Canarias (prompt on Tenerife before *) 3. A 2003 Timothy Pennings paper asked Do Dogs Know this. The Umbral type is the study of Shaffer sequences, while Mallivin is an infinite-dimensional one on the Wiener space and is also called the stochastic one of variations. Church and Kleene developed a formal logic known as the lambda one. In old literature it was known as infinitesimal analysis, due to the presence of quantities getting very small. For 10 points, Gottfried Wilhelm

Ethical Analysis for NAFTA -

Question: Discuss about theEthical Analysisfor NAFTA. Answer: Introduction Healthy eating is considered to be a situation in which individual balances their diet. That is, they have to consume a combination of various vitamins as well as proteins thus avoiding aspects that may arise because of unhealthy eating like obesity. Therefore, it is recommended that individuals across the globe should ensure that they are health conscious and put more consideration to what they consume. In addition, apart from food, daily activities also contribute a lot to the health of an individual. Therefore, in order to attain a healthy body, individuals are expected to excise on a daily basis to reduce the chances of attaining obesity. The primary objective of the paper, therefore, is to analyze the contribution of NAFTA in relation to aspects to do with obesity in Mexico. In addition, the paper will also highlight on various mechanism to be employed by the respective government in ensuring that its citizen leads a healthy life free from obesity and other health problems that come to a result of unhealthy eating amongst the people of Mexico. Since inception, obesity had been a problem related to poor individual choices but from our conclusion obesity comes from the industrialization of agriculture as well as the trade and investment rules in developing countries. Mexico as a developing country through the NAFTA agreement import corn from the United States because it is a staple food for its population. The United States in turn imports fresh fruits and vegetables from Mexico which is a win-win situation for the two countries. From the paper, we are going to discuss on the NAFTA passage, the theories and industrialization of agriculture. Industrialization of agriculture in the United States led to massive research in agriculture focusing on how to increase their productivity. This increased output of calories from increased output of corn, wheat, and livestock produce. With increased demand for agricultural production, policies were set to promote production and shield the farm income levels. With high production of corn in U.S, livestock farmers were invited to use corn as livestock feed instead of grass which accelerated meat production in the region. All the prices of agricultural produce and dairy products were lowered leading to the generation of products from corn like the high fructose syrup used in the processing of foods with high calories and very low nutritive value. With the overproduction of corn, the prices decreased in the U.S market forcing the government to look for a new market for its commodity. This forced the U.S to dump its commodities at a lower price than the cost of domestic production to oversee countries. This dumping has promoted hunger and depression in most rural communities overseas because only a few countries benefitted from these. Globalization of agriculture is also the main cause of obesity. Increased movement of agricultural commodities and know-how has forced a change of the diet of most individuals globally. This has changed the chronic hunger menace to obesity and other non-communicable diseases as a result of high intake of calories found at lower prices in the market. equal treatment to imports and exports from the three countries United States, Mexico, and Canada was as a result of North American Free Trade Agreement in1999 (Dobado and Marrero 2005). U.S and Mexico phased out the import of corn and soybeans which are the main ingredient in the diet of the Mexicans. The Mexican government also allowed feeding the cattle on corn not only grass. The Mexican diet shifted from the traditional food to processed foods which were cheaper but higher in sugar and calorie levels. The period immediately after the NAFTA negotiation in 1988, there was an increase in consumption of refined carbohydrates from soda intake. Therefore, based on this aspect, it is clear that the production of processed products across the country contributed to the balance of diet amongst the citizens. In this case, Mexicans were able to shift their diet from traditional food to processed food this forced producers to produce more food to meet the increasing demand of the processed food in the country. In addition, the rising demand for the processed food from the population forced the government to ensure that there are adequate resources as well as labor to ensure that there is a timely process of adequate food in the country. As a result, the government had to ensure that it increases it reduces taxes to the raw materials used in the production process. I n this case, the reduction of tax imposed on the raw materials used in producing raw materials in the country leads to reduced prices of the processed food thus increasing the number of consumers in that it will be affordable to many citizens in the country. Therefore, based on this aspect, the government must deduce means to ensure that it reduces the escalating rate of obesity amongst its citizens. The respective government is therefore expected to roll out a campaign reduce the prices of basic food as well as offer basic education to its citizens on the importance of balancing their diet. In addition, the support from the non-governmental organizations contributes a lot in enlightening the public in relation to the merits of balancing diet. The passage of the NAFTA is seen as the main reason for the increase in obesity in the Mexican population. NAFTA has benefited the United States by encouraging unlimited trade between U.S and Mexico; fruits and vegetable flow freely to the north in exchange for corn and livestock products. Corn export increased to 9 million metric tons annually since the NAFTA agreement was passed. Soybeans export has tripled since the agreement in 1993. Sugar and sweeteners sanctions were resolved in 2006 increased the importation of high fructose corn syrup to the Mexican market. The NAFTA agreement also imports on ready-to-eat foods like snacks from the United States in exchange for fresh fruits and vegetables. There is a high demand for snack foods in Mexico, and the main exporter is the United States. The Mexicans must be encouraged to consume more fruits as well as green vegetables to reduce the alarming obesity in Mexico. Livestock importation has also increased after the NAFTA agreement; ther e has been increasing export of chicken, beef, and pork to Mexico from the United States. There is a high demand for deboned turkey, chicken and processed meat in Mexico which is the main cause of obesity (Zahniser and Coyle 2004). In this case, the studies indicate that the reduction taxes imposed to this products have increased to the importation of this products into the country. In addition, an increase in the supply of the above products indicates that its prices will be low thus increasing their demand in the market industry. That is, many people will buy this type of food in bulk thus contributing to diet imbalance which will eventually lead to obesity. On the other hand, increase in the prices of agricultural products in the country contributes to the insufficient production of farm products which are recommended for a healthy diet. It is recommended that the government should ensure that it increases taxes to all products that are likely to cause obesity amongst the citizen s. Also, the government should ensure that apart from offering health advice to its citizens, it should also ensure it reduces prices to food products produced in the country thus enhancing healthy diet amongst its citizens. The foreign direct investment is present in the Mexican food supply from production to retail market. The U.S benefits more from the Mexican market with a direct investment of millions of dollars. The U.S directly sells their processed food and beverages soft drinks and malt to Mexico at the very low price but in turn gaining around $180million each year. From all these exports, it is evident that the U.S is exporting obesity to Mexico. According to the Kants moral theory, life is more value because we are the holders of our life (ONeill 2000). Human beings must not be used by others to get happiness or enjoyment. The U.S is exporting their produce to Mexico gaining the ready market at the expense of the Mexicans who get obese as a result. Eating is an ethical issue and eating right is another ethical issue at hand, people's life must not be under threat because of a ready market for agricultural products. The utilitarian theory (1863) also known as the greatest happiness principle allows other people maximize their happiness for others as long as the benefits of the act outweigh the cost. Utilitarianism allowed the U.S do more research on agricultural production to save the rural communities from dying from anger. The U.S is justified for the overproduction and selling of the corn and ready to eat foods to Mexico at very low prices. The Mexican community is happy with the cheap food in their market which satisfies their urge to fight hunger not look after the rising trend of obesity. As long as the Mexicans are happy then export of corn, ready to eat food, high fructose corn syrup remains ethical. The third world countries are gaining weight as a result of the developed countries filling their market with cheap produce which have very low nutrient values (Candib 2007). Sugary beverages and ready to eat foods like chicken and turkey are blamed for obesity in Mexico and other developing countries. In this case, most of the people in Mexico are considered to attain obesity because of lack of adequate information in relation to health eating. Therefore, basing on this aspect, it is recommended that the government, as well as non-governmental organization that operates in health sector, should ensure that it offers adequate education to the general public in relation to importance of balancing their health as well as the negative aspects that come along as a result of not balancing the diet. In addition, the government should ensure that it encourages agriculture in the country to ensure that its citizens consume fresh produce from the firm. That is, people will only be encouraged if the prices of raw materials to the agricultural products are set to the minimum. As a result, most of the people will be encouraged to practice farming because of the low cost of producing this product thus contributing to the increase in the supply of fresh products from the firm in the country thus contributing healthy eating amongst the citizens in the country. In addition, there should be programs in schools to educate the children on the importance of putting into consideration aspects that relate to their health thus leading to an informed society in which children will grow up being health conscious thus avoiding obesity within the country. In my conclusion, various aspects have to be put into consideration to ensure that obesity has been avoided. In this case, increasing consumption of greens as well as fruits and daily exercise is one of the aspects that has been considered to be vital in building a healthy nation. In addition, the government should also participate in ensuring that its citizens contribute to healthy eating amongst its citizens. That is, it should ensure that it increases taxes to the products imposed that are likely to increase obesity amongst the citizens. In addition, it is recommended the government should encourage its citizens to practice agriculture for its the source of nutritious food that will lead to a healthy nation. Therefore, I do recommend the introduction of trade policies that will pay more attention to nutrition and less on a ready market. The public is to be made aware of the causes of obesity and how to eat well to avoid obesity and other non-communicable diseases brought by poor n utrition. List of Reference

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Exploring Description in Your Essay Topics For College Students

Exploring Description in Your Essay Topics For College StudentsIt is a good idea to write an essay when writing a paper, and you will find that writing a descriptive essay can be very easy for you, especially if you are in a college environment. There are many essays that require writing a sentence or two about a subject, but if you want your descriptive essay to be more than just a matter of words it will be necessary to be able to come up with good descriptions for your essay topics.The reason that this can be such a difficult task for some people is because they are not sure what to write, and you will also find that there are not as many descriptive essay topics for college students as there are for other students. This means that there is more competition for those good descriptive essay topics for college students. But there are ways to increase your chances of being chosen for an essay topic by trying to think outside the box when writing a descriptive essay.One of the great w ays to increase your chances of being chosen for an essay topic is to think of something that you know about. This may sound like an easy thing to do, but for some reason most people do not try to write from their own knowledge. In fact the majority of people that try to write a descriptive essay, never get the chance to write from their own knowledge.You may have come across or heard of someone talking about the weather, the landscape, the people, the culture, and so on. These types of things usually make good descriptive essay topics for college students, because these are subjects that the average person has some knowledge about. For example, if you knew about the diversity of the people living in the United States, or if you knew about the different types of plants and animals living in the forest, then you would know about all of the subjects that describe the area that you are writing about. This is why knowing about the actual subject matter is such a good thing to write abou t when you are writing a descriptive essay.There are some other things that you can include in your descriptive essay that can help you make a good description for your essay topics for college students. For example, a descriptive essay needs to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. The middle portion should tell the story, and then the end of the descriptive essay should give an explanation for all of the things that happened. This way your essay can be written easily without being too technical, or too short.Students who are going to write a descriptive essay on a certain subject for college students should be able to include some supporting details about that subject, without the need to over complicate the topic. A good example of a supporting detail is the fact that the people of a certain culture or region in the United States tend to be more intelligent than others. There is always a little bit of truth to that, because the people that live in those areas are generally smar ter than those in other parts of the country.The next step for descriptive essay topics for college students is to research the topic. Since this is going to be a writing assignment, it is important that you read as much as you can about the topic that you are writing about. Also if you are unsure about a certain part of the descriptive essay then you can contact your professor and have them write it for you.As you can see writing a descriptive essay can be easy if you know what to write about. There are some great ways to come up with ideas for your essay topics for college students, so you should not have a problem coming up with them.

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Raisin in the Sun Argumentative Essay Topics

Raisin in the Sun Argumentative Essay TopicsIn your argumentative essay, you should make a raisin in the sun argumentative topic that will get your students riled up and will keep them on their toes. By the time they finish reading the paper, you'll be certain that the students have engaged with your argumentative topic in an important way. The argumentative essay topics you choose will all have the power to influence the outcome of your argumentative essay.The audience you present your topic to is important. You want to select an audience that you know will appreciate your argumentative essay. You may want to study a sample of student papers prior to selecting the audience for your argumentative essay.The audience you select should be filled with people who have already read your argumentative essay. If your audience is similar to the audience you write to in an argumentative essay, you may find that you're applying your argumentative essay topic to their topic. In this case, you'll get a good idea of whether you have a big topic or a smaller one.When you select the audience for your argumentative essay, it's important to think about how much time you have to spend on the argumentative essay. In a lot of cases, you'll find that there's not a whole lot of time that you can devote to the argumentative essay. However, a raisin in the sun argumentative essay topic is one that you could present to a group of students and still leave time for an independent research assignment or student leadership.You should also consider the kind of paper that you would submit with the topic. If you are writing an argumentative essay for a college curriculum, you should consider a topic that has a lot of relevance to the syllabus. These include topics such as Bible studies, modern biblical interpretations, archaeology, and religious scholarship.There are some argumentative essay topics that do not require much research. For example, a raisin in the sun argumentative essay topic ab out junk mail is very easy to support, and it will provide a good platform for a lesson on sales letters. Other examples of great raisin in the sun argumentative essay topics include argumentative essays about self-esteem, career development, and law school admissions.By using argumentative essay topics that don't require too much research, you'll make sure that your argumentative essay is fresh and relevant to the audience that you're writing to. This will enable you to achieve the desired end goal for your argumentative essay - which is to show how your particular perspective is right.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

The Honest to Goodness Truth on Good and Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

The Honest to Goodness Truth on Good and Easy Argumentative Essay Topics When it has to do with writing an argumentative essay, the most essential issue to do is to select a topic and an argument you could really get behind. At the exact same time, it also ought to be simple to research, that way you'll locate evidence to support claims you make. Does a great lawyer has an effect on the results of a murder trial in the usa. To write a fantastic argumentative essay the students first must investigate several sides of the argument, allowing them to make an educated stance. Once every so often, your professor might offer you the liberty of writing an argumentative essay for college on the subject of your choice. Every student who would like to execute an ideal academic paper can use mentioned subjects and example argumentative essay to do a great work. You may continue to keep your argumentative essays for your upcoming job portfolio in case they're highly graded. However soo n you're anticipated to file your college argumentative essay for grading, we'll write the paper for you. What the In-Crowd Won't Tell You About Good and Easy Argumentative Essay Topics Moral argumentative essay topics are a few of the simplest to get carried away with. It is all about arguing and debating on a topic, which is debatable. An argumentative essay requires you to choose a topic and have a position on it. Choosing topics for argumentative essays is crucial for your general success. As soon as you have the topic, answer the question and support your answer with three or more explanations for why you believe it. You will probably locate a different and good topic you will love to write about. It's possible to opt for an intriguing topic from any area of science. In choosing your topic, it's frequently a good notion to start with a subject which you already have some familiarity with. Questions are a standard means of getting interest, and evocative language or a strong statistic Don't assume your audience is already knowledgeable about your topic. In the initial one, talk about the origin of the word and the way it was used previously. For instance, you can write about something that personally affects you or somebody you know. Good and Easy Argumentative Essay Topics To select a topic, you want to locate a category or an essay kind and see the list of themes. Then take a look at a list of argumentative essay suggestions to help you begin. The top rat ed argumentative essay ideas are broken up into various categories. On our site, you can locate many suggestions for themes for an argumentative essay. Inspiration to make your own advertising or media argumentative essay topics isn't challenging to discover. One of the greatest strategies to make writing a research paper easier is to pick a topic that you're passionate about. It is vital to pick a great topic so as to compose a good paper. Popular themes for academic papers can be seen on our site also. The Ultimate Good and Easy Argumentative Essay Topics Trick If you can select the problem by yourself, it's possible to produce the issue of interest! When you're picking your topic, remember that it's much simpler to write about something which you currently have interest ineven in case you don't know a good deal about it. Droz If the money doesn't serve you, it is going to rule over you. An excessive amount of money isn't a good thing. The intent of assigning an essay to middle school students is to make awareness and permit them to develop writing skills. At various classes, they learn how to perform great articles. To write a strong argumentative essay, they should begin by familiarizing themselves with some of the common, and often conflicting, positions on the research topic so that they can write an informed paper. With proper main topics, they can reach good results. An excellent result depends upon absolute facts. Even whenever you are stating your standpoint, make sure you do not come off as biased. Normally, it doesn't include references and quotes in it. You have to come across decent evidence to strengthen your ideas in addition to examples to illustrate the evidence. Key Pieces of Good and Easy Argumentative Essay Topics Definition essay will help to discover another meaning for things from earlier times thus we could make our future better. Then you're able to compare the word with different terms that are very similar to your topic. It's important to always provide a conventional definition of your subject in at the start of the definition essay, even if your definitions vary from the typical meaning. You should be able to use persuasive language. The Good and Easy Argumentative Essay Topics Stories Whenever you demand quick assistance by means of your task, contact on-line expert writing service which could prepare an argumentative essay on the subject you prefer. You devote a good deal of education on writing argumentative essays. If you decide to be an independent essay writer, you can expect the exact same. Our professional writers know about the fundamental elements of an argumentative essay. Learn how funny argumentative essay topics can receive the interest of your tutor. Recent argumentative essay topics that are related to society is going to do. An argumentative essay is a certain kind of academic writing. A great argumentative essay is going to be based on established or new research as opposed to only on your ideas and feelings. How to Choose Good and Easy Argumentative Essay Topics Our writers use their abilities and abilities to meet the wants and necessities of our customers. In such cases, you don't wish to choose topics that require a great deal of research and preparation. If you're struggling, you always have the option to acquire help by utilizing an essay writing service such as ours. Is it true that the paparazzi help or hinder the objective of totally free press. Contrary to other kinds of essays, you're attempting to convince your reader of something. Simply, you should work hard to make them interested in furthering their discussion independe ntly even once they are finished with the reading the writing. This information will be beneficial. In circumstances when you get to pick the topic for an argumentative essay, you need to be wise and locate a title that will intrigue a reader.